Core Values


Being “present” to one another offers respect and unleashes the highest possibilities

Active Listening

Really letting go and actively listening helps us hear what is being most widely and deeply felt in communities and identify what we need to learn and sense what is trying to emerge


Everything in the universe is interconnected. When we tap into this we begin to understand our interdependence with one another and the living world.


Inclusive communities foster happiness, understanding and collaboration. Everyone is of equal value and it is important to tailor programs and activities that are accessible to all.


We belong to the earth and are responsible for caring for one another and all living resources. In this era of over-consumption, it is essential (and joyful!) to re-use, re-cycle and collaborate for a more sustainable world.


What the world needs now is sustained change, to live more sustainably for the generations to come, which requires transformation of our individual and collective consciousness.


Invitation emphasises and values the contribution of every individual and the possibilities that can emerge when we reach out to one another


“The new economy is trust!” (Otto Scharmer – Theory U – MIT University)


To co-initiate and co-sense in an equal way together with individuals and communities to co-create the future wanting to emerge


We live in urgent times and it is essential for change-makers to collaborate to deepen and extend our work in increasingly effective ways


Change is constant. This requires a consistent “sensing the field” and adapting to the changing needs of the earth and our society


Creating spaces where our commonalities are embraced in ways that emphasise equity and equal exchange

Imagination / Creativity / Curiosity

Creativity is essential for a vibrant and meaningful life and for ever new and engaging ways of inspiring and creating change





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I felt there was a shift from unease and awkwardness, to feelings of connectedness, harmony and joy.

– Maria (Established Australian)

Testimonial Author


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