Our Approach

Our approach is to “join dots” in ways which create deep shifts and systemic change, primarily shifting the disconnection that lies at the heart of so many social issues.

The aim is to create and hold spaces for experiences involving personal encounters, leading to ongoing transformations, both personal and communal. To this end we are aspiring to work collaboratively with other organisations and change makers to maximise the effectiveness and deep reach of their endevours for good.

We place an emphasis on “active listening” and reflection as much as on “doing”. This is what draws our attention to the spaces in between, the space where unnoticed wisdom and solutions lie.

We encourage the exchange of “story” as an accessible and powerful means of emphasising inter-connectedness and inspiring more joining of dots!

joiningthedots approach is inspired by several prominent change makers and teachers, including:

  • Paulo Freire, in particular the concepts of “animation” and “conscietisation” – as catalysts for change we must work alongside people in communities with a real belief and trust in each individual’s power and intelligence to lead change. As animators we can help bring to life people’s ideas for change and encourage ever-deepening understandings of the larger social forces and issues at play.
  • Otto Scharmer and others such as Peter Senge who developed much thinking around “systems change”, including Theory U and its application to sustained and transformative change, addressing the blindspot of our time.





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I felt there was a shift from unease and awkwardness, to feelings of connectedness, harmony and joy.

– Maria (Established Australian)

Testimonial Author

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