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Are you an organisation or institution looking to build connections in your community?

joiningthedots aim is to “join the dots” in whatever ways will create the kind of transformative change the world needs right now. We are convicted that this involves working in collaboration with other change makers, organisations, institutions, enterprises, community groups and social change ventures in ever new and imaginative ways.

Ways we can collaborate:

  • To share the “operational” work of coordinating the Welcome Dinner Project. This could involve:
    – Sharing office space and use of equipment
    – Becoming an “affiliate” who partners with us to employ State or Regional coordinators and manage operations (mainly the planning and communications required for organising Welcome Dinners) – we are primarily looking for national institutions to become “affiliates”
  • To work collaboratively with joiningthedots on Welcome Dinners and other programs. This could involve becoming a community collaborator – working together on planning and hosting large-scale community Welcome Dinners in partnership with us and sometimes a group of collaborating organisations. It could also include working together to engage newly arrived people in the Welcome Dinner Project. There is also a possibility of collaborating on cultural awareness trainings and other creative workshops.
  • To offer professional development / training opportunities for our facilitators and volunteers, particularly around aspects of cultural engagement, communications and social change.

What we are looking for in a collaboration:

  • Like-mindedness of values
  • Shared-aims in creating connections and a culture of welcome in Australian communities, increased understanding of people of diverse cultural backgrounds, socially cohesive communities where newly arrived people and established residents are interacting in meaningful ways
  • Opportunities for on-going collaboration. eg: working together on a community dinner and afterward becoming an on-going collaborator who engages newly arrived people and assists them in registering for local dinners
  • Sharing of resources – in-kind offers of support such as venues, printing, administration, recruitment and preparation of participants, transport and interpreting services
  • Opportunities for joiningthedots to learn more deeply about the issues affecting communities and how we can work together with people at the grass-roots to create transformative change
  • Financial sponsorship (as a minimum, a contribution to our operational costs)

To enquire further please email you State Coordinator or send a message to

We look forward to hearing from you!



We loved working with you to bring about this fantastic event, we all had a great time and can’t wait to do it all again!

– HYPA Adelaide (community collaborator)

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